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We're a creative workshop ran by a group of Cleveland natives who are passionate about keeping the inner child alive through art, innovation, community and interaction. In all we do, we strive to provide a warm, inspiring environment with unique and engaging experiences.

Our story began back in 2017 when we experimented with creating artistic rage-room like events that eventually would grow to become Wrecks & Effects. Phenomenal local artist and founder of Negative Space Art Gallery, Gadi Zamir, allowed us to use his space and we were further inspired to create 2GrownKids in 2019.

We've hosted talent competitions, youth programs, open mics, comedy shows, album releases, and offer weekly open workshop hours. Everyone, no matter their skill level, should have the opportunity to express themselves creatively in a supportive and inclusive environment. We invite people let loose, connect, try something new, and have some fun. 

In our workshop located just east of Downtown Cleveland, we have art from some amazingly talented artists on every wall, and array of supplies and activities like writing prompts, retro video and games, other card and board games. 

If you're looking for a fun and creative way to spend your time, connect with us and stop by. If you're interested in setting up a private experience of your own, start here

See you soon!

-2GK Team

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