I'm Tanya.

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I look forward to connecting with people like you to talk about ambitions, listen to your thoughts and collaborate on ideas. I some times am better at listening than sharing, but I owe you a little bit more about myself, as well.

I started a company, 2GrownKids (2GK) in 2019 with a group of great folks while working full-time and taking on a new role in March of 2020. Obviously, we headed into a pandemic, business and work closed, and my father became increasingly ill during the midst. While not Covid-19 related,  I decided to take time away from work in June of 2021 to focus on family and ponder on the future of 2GK. Sadly, my father passed in April of 2022, and stepping away from work proved to be one of my better decisions ever made. 

Over the last year, I've had plenty of time to think and dream which led me to enroll at the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University. After an aggressive start, I'm just 3 classes away from earning a Master of Management in Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship, with a primary focus on Business Management, along with a graduate certificate in Business Consulting. I believe in eternal learning and am excited to merge my previous career experiences with updated strategies, trend foresting techniques, and modern frameworks. My motivation is rewarding, meaningful, and quality experiences with great impact in all areas of life and I'm eager to translate this in my next full-time role. 

On an entrepreneurial front, I've been at the brainstorming table with the cofounders of 2GK to map out our next steps. The pandemic forced us to take a pause and we're eager to relaunch better than ever this month. 

Please ask the question you're thinking or share the thought that came to mind - I'd love to hear it. 

Thanks for checking in,