2GrownKids. A dedication to 'grown kids' - the adults whose inner child can never keep a babysitter. We're a creative & interactive space founded on ART + TECHNOLOGY + IDEAS + PEOPLE. The venue is warm and welcoming, decorated with work from local artist, Shotty, as well as numerous independent creators. Our mission is to provide a comfy yet jolting experience to inspire creativity and be a forum to showcase talents. We host 2 regularly scheduled events (currently paused due to Covid-19) along with private and pop-up events in between. If you ever want to drop by outside of an event night, just send us a message - we'd love to show you around. We just ask that you wear a mask and follow safety measures.

2GrownKids is run by a bunch of adults with day jobs who spend a good part of their lives working to contribute to list of cool things happening in Cleveland.

Hopefully, we'll get to meet you soon. If you've made it this far, I'll take it as a good sign :) 


Oh, here's more on those events I mentioned:

You're Up: A (not so) Open Mic - Last Friday of the month

10 artists ranging from comedians & musicians to storytellers, compete in a friendly competition for a cash prize. Each artist is given 5 minutes to come with their best and the winner of each round is chosen by audience vote to move on to the Nicolas Cage round. The finalists go head to head in a 60 second bonus round where the audience chooses the champ and winner of the month. Hosted by Carli Robe and soundtrack by DJ STNA.

Wrecks & Effects - Pop Up Event

Our in-house, collapsible 'rage room' - or as we call it the Music Box, is an 8 x 13 secured & walled in area which is filled with breakables. In head to toe safety gear, participants can grab a baseball bat and break bottles, tvs, microwaves, mirrors - whatever we have! DJ STNA is set up to provide the background sounds and those who just want to watch can safely do so via the plexi-glass windows on each side of the Music Box. Though breaking things is fun, building things is beautiful! Of the wreckage, we then use the pieces to create new works of art to be shared and displayed. That's the best part!